Kontal Electronic, having acknowledged the production gap in home automation market in 1992, has set out in order to fill the gap and pioneered in remote control systems.  
  It started with a core of a few people. Now it enjoys a production facility of 1800 m^2 housing the R&D unit, industrial design department, SMT production line, manual assembly line, CNC molding and injection department, technical support department. The number of personnel employed in these operations is close to 40 people all qualified in their fields. The company is established with national capital and carries out all phases of production using in-house resources, that is, the industrial design, the hardware and software engineering, mold design, manufacture of plastic parts using injection are all handled within the company facilities.  
  The following are the main areas that we focus on and pioneer at Kontal Electronic:     
  • Sliding Gate Control Units And Accessories
  • Barrier Control Units And Accessories
  • Garage Doors Control Units And Accessories
  • Roller Shutter Control Units And Accessories
  • Glass Doors Control Units And Accessories
  • Remote Control Systems And Accessories
  • Photocell Systems 
  • Detectors     
  We continuously expand the range of our products that comprise many different items seeking to find solutions for the problems of our valued customers. Our products are delivered to every destination in Turkey as well as they are directly or indirectly exported to several countries.  
  At Kontal Electronic, We produce to make your life easier…
  Best Regards,  
  Kontal Electronic