To spearhead the development and advancement of the home automation industry within our nation, while concurrently aspiring to highlight the reliability, quality, and untapped potential of Turkish products on the global stage.

To design, develop and produce technologies that will make life easier and add value to it. To persist in delivering products and services while upholding the principles of quality and trust, and to sustain our commitment to domestic production.

In line with the company’s vision and in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard;
  • To constantly improving our product quality with the most up-to-date technologies and keeping our production at the best standards
  • To prevent the inconveniences that may arise later by producing the most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way
  • To be a reliable company that meets customer needs and expectations at the highest level
  • To be an exemplary organisation that respects the society and the environment we live in by ensuring the continuity of our quality understanding in order to achieve our quality goals in line with our policy
  • To provide all necessary trainings to achieve planned goals, that in line with our policy, with our employees and to provide a suitable working environment
  • To contribute to the Turkish economy with the quality of the products we produce and the service we provide by constantly increasing our experience and knowledge
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with our employee satisfaction and service quality
  • To ensure maximum communication and efficiency with a systemic approach in process and management
  • To make continuous improvement and updating sustainable based on efficient working and production principles
  • To fulfil the applicable conditions and to establish an effective decision-making mechanism by involving employees and suppliers in the process
we are committed to ensuring the continuity of the quality management system by fulfilling the relevant requirements.
In line with the company’s vision and in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard;
  • To ensure the protection of the environment by minimising the internal and external factors affecting the environmental pollution
  • To use resources effectively and rationally
  • To use the necessary technologies for effective recycling
  • To organize environmental training and awareness-raising activities within and outside the company and to support such activities
  • To ensure continuous improvement and development
  • To fulfil obligations arising from existing laws
  • To fulfil compliance obligations 
  • To continuously improve the environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance
  • To adopt the environmental management system and fulfil its requirements in order to ensure environmental awareness systematically and regularly in all fields of activity
we are committed to fulfilling the relevant requirements in accordance with our environmental policy.
Kontal Elektronik, noticing the lack of production in automation electronics in Turkey in 1992, set out to close the gap at this point and pioneered the field of remote control systems.
On this journey undertaken with a few individuals, Kontal Elektronik has evolved to become a fully-equipped manufacturing facility as of 2013, boasting a team of engineers, technical staff, and specialised professionals totalling nearly 40 employees. With an enclosed area of 1800 m2, the facility includes an SMD (Robotic) and Manual Production Line, Mould and Injection Department, Industrial Product Design Department, an advanced R&D section, and a Technical Support Department. Operating entirely with domestic capital, Kontal Elektronik manages all stages from industrial design, hardware and software development, to mould production and injection moulding within its own organisation.
Our primary areas of expertise at Kontal Electronics include:
  • Sliding Gate Control Systems and Accessories
  • Barrier Control Systems and Accessories
  • Garage Door Control Systems and Accessories
  • Shutter Control Systems and Accessories
  • Glass Door (Photocell Door) Control Systems and Accessories
  • Remote Control Systems and Accessories
  • Photocell Systems
  • Detector Systems
We continually expand our product range, which encompasses a wide variety, striving to provide solutions for the needs of our valued customers. Our productions are delivered not only to every corner of Turkey but also directly or indirectly to various countries worldwide.
At Kontal Elektronik, we produce to make life easier…
Kontal Elektronik
You can return the product you purchased within 15 days from the delivery date, along with your invoice and an explanation of the reason for the return. You can change the products you want to exchange within 30 days along with your invoice.
If the product is defective, your return period is 2 years.
General Return Conditions
– Returns must be made completely with the original box and packaging.
– The return of products whose original box is damaged, damaged or cannot be purchased by another customer, which has lost its resaleability feature, is not accepted. (Except for defective products)
– If the products you want to return are defective, the shipping fee is covered by our company.
– Returns of products specially developed for the company cannot be accepted.
– The product received is first examined by us, and if necessary, the product is tested by the technical service. This process is completed within 15 days at the latest. If the conditions are right, the return process begins.
– When the return process is approved, the refund fee will be paid to your bank account within 1 week at the latest.